This Character From GTA 4 Might Be Returning In GTA 5 New DLC

Finally, it’s here, The Rumored and leaked DLC for GTA Online is officially announced by Rockstar games. The DLC is themed around Nightclubs and running a business under it which will open up several new opportunities to make money in the game.

But I am really excited about this DLC mainly because if speculations are true then it might be possible that a character from GTA 4 DLC (Ballad Of Gay Tony) Might be present in this DLC.

If You have not already guessed it, it’s The man himself Anthony Price AKA Gay Tony. He Played a major role in GTA 4 DLC and is recognized by almost everyone in the GTA Community for his different personality and lifestyle.

Anthony Price was the deuteragonist in GTA 4 Ballad Of Gay Tony.

It’s Not Confirmed by Rockstar Game but there are 99% chances that he will be featured in Nightclub DLC.

If you guys never played GTA 4 DLC then you don’t know anything about him so here’s some general info that can be found on GTA Wiki.

Anthony “Tony” Prince, also known as Gay Tony, is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned, and the eponymous deuteragonist of The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Tony is a nightclub entrepreneur in Liberty City, as well as the owner of both Maisonette 9 and Hercules.

We do get a glimpse of him in the teaser trailer and the beard and the face cut is still very similar to the model used in GTA 4.

gay tony.png

It’s not the first time that a character from Grand Theft Auto 4 have appeared in GTA 5, Many instances in which characters like Johnny Klebitz, Michelle/KarenPatrick “Packie” McReary and many more.

Also, GTA 4 And GTA 5 Are part of the same universe which is often known as “HD Universe” in GTA Community.

What makes the rumor of him coming back in the game more plausible are the references in GTA 5.

Add heading (42).png

A magazine called “Residue” lists off various interviews on the front page, with Tony Prince’s being second. It states; “Tony Prince, The Ace of Clubs talks.” This may suggest that he is involved in some form or another in the nightclub trade. Although the same magazine is seen in Luis’ Apartment.

What do you guys think? He Will make a return or not? Let us know in the comments below



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