Tomb Raider Dev Calls Last Of Us Part II Gameplay Fake, Apologizes

Last of Us Part II gameplay was shown yesterday at Sony E3 2018 Conference, The Gameplay featured Ellie and it was pretty impressive. In my opinion, it was one of the best gameplay demos sony ever did.

last of us part ii

The Fans reception was good too…but Tomb Raider Dev on twitter called the gameplay “Fake” in a tweet. The Tweet was deleted but it’s internet and there is nothing that you can hide.

David Anfossi, head of Eidos Montreal, replied to say it was “fake”. Even though it’s not completely unknown if this was intended to be a joke or not. But Anfossi deleted the tweet.

Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper was not impressed at all, He released a screenshot afterward.

Tomb Raider.png

David Anfossi apologized. “Hi Naughty Dog fans,” he wrote on Twitter. “Please don’t be tough on me, just bad wording from a french speaking person. Always been a big fan of Uncharted and Last of Us games; played all of them and Last of Us 2 is on my list. And what Naughty Dog does is a ref to me. Sorry for this situation…”

I don’t know what to say about this, It was a mess and this could definitely be a bad press for upcoming Tomb Raider.

What do you guys think?


21 thoughts on “Tomb Raider Dev Calls Last Of Us Part II Gameplay Fake, Apologizes

  1. DevilGearHill says:

    I would not be surprised, actually, if it is fake. The original game showed a gameplay presentation which borderline lied to everybody’s faces about how smart the enemies are and hot organically they and the environment reacts. So yeah, I would not be surprised in the slightest. Exactly why I completely skipped any trailers of it – you don’t lie to me twice, because I am not giving you a second chance.


    1. Deadpoolio says:

      I’d bet that you don’t even own a PS4….Nor did they ever lie about anything with the first game…The hilarious thing is you geniuses tried to claim the fake gameplay stuff the first time and ended up looking stupid….Maybe you should spend less time pulling stuff out of your anus and more time crying to your overlords that they should make games other than Halo, Gears and Forza since their pathetic E3 consisted of a Halo cinematic teaser, THREE Gears games and the standard Copy paste Forza with 90% multiplat titles….


      1. DevilGearHill says:

        Yeah, because just saying that someone is a moron without any arguments provided is logical thing to do.


      1. DevilGearHill says:

        Well, uh, I guess I do try harder then you to make a point in whatever I am trying to say. God forbid somebody tries anything he gives a shit about, god forbid !


    2. Mc says:

      I think it’s a total non issue and another example of click bait bullshit “journalism”. You really have nothing better to write about than a really uninteresting twitter screen cap?


    3. FirstResponder says:

      You didn’t prove anything by posting the link to the trailer because if you actually played the game you know that the NPC’s did behave that way. If you fired your weapon and had no bullets and they heard the click they would come for you, they would flank you. Ellie did help you by picking up and throwing bricks at NPC’s and also stabbing them when they had you pinned down.

      That scene at the end when you shoot that guy in the face did happen, everything in that E3 trailer was stuff that you could actually do and things that actually happened in the game itself. The menus changed a bit and the PS4 version got prettier but that was it.

      It’s an E3 demo and for that reason, parts of it are supposed to be scripted make sequences shorter to tell you a quick story that gets to its point faster but nothing about that Last of Us E3 2013 trailer was fake and not only that but the actual retail version was better and even more so the PS4 version. It’s Naughtydog they always deliver just look at both Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy this generation.


  2. MulleDK19 says:

    He’s right though. It’s so fake. Nothing has ever been more scripted than this. It’s basically a shit ton of long motion captured cutscenes, portrayed as gameplay. You’d think they’d have learned from TLOU presentations, but nope.


  3. Ibrahim says:

    Ye it did seem very simulated, with the choices of items conveniently scattered along her path and the movement of enemies. Doubt anybody would be able to have an experience like the one shown. I kind of agree with him. Makes me wonder how drastically different the gameplay is from the first.


  4. ForeverLoading says:

    It probably is fake, but whether he’s right or not people are still going to rip into the guy for saying anything bad about their favorite game.


  5. craigw315 says:

    As a bilingual person, i cannot think of anything he could have been trying to say that could have come out as “bad wording from a French-speaking person.” Ha ha


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