Remedy’s New Game “Control” is a secret sequel to Quantum Break?

Yesterday Remedy unexpectedly dropped their name game called “Control” and it’s the game that was teased by remedy long time ago under the project name of “P7”

I was watching the presentation with some of my friends online and when the trailer came up every one of us immediately said this is the sequel or spin-off to quantum break because there is no way you cannot notice the similar difference between these two.

But turns out it’s a completely new game called “Control” which seem to use many of the mechanics in the quantum break. Which raises the question is Control secretly a sequel to Quantum Break 2? Could they be set in the same universe?

Now according to their official description, there is no mention of Quantum Break but what really makes me think that they are part of the same universe in mechanics and overall tone of the game.

The lighting and even the textures are same as quantum break. Here are some of the comparisons and see for yourself.

Quantum Break
control remedy
Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 14.46.47 PM
Quantum Break
Control game
Quantum Break
Control game 2

These are just some of the similarities and I know what you guys are saying “They use same engine” that could be the chance but why Remedy is using the same colors and tone of atmosphere too? I know it could be just me who is thinking way more than I should be but still I am really excited to see Quantum break mechanics not being wasted because you have to admit that it has amazing gameplay features.

What do you guys think? What you make of it?



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