Cyberpunk 2077 is Not A Usual FPS, It’s a First Person Open World RPG

Cyberpunk 2077 is the biggest game shown at this E3, After almost 4 years we have a new trailer which highlighted the world and showed the Night city. The Trailer was fantastic and it was very different from what we hoped for (in a good way) I personally thought it will be more of neo-noir blade runner esque game but instead it’s a full on blast Punk game and I am really happy to see that. After all CD Projekt red itself so many times that are not doing “Blade Runner”

A demo session was held yesterday in which they showed the gameplay and some features of CP2077 to journalists. Here Are some of the most important bits and pieces of information you need to about it and I promise I will keep it short and tidy. So Without wasting any time let’s go!

  • Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person Open World RPG
  • Certain Cutscene will be viewed in Third-Person
  • Driving is in Third-Person
  • You Can Choose Gendre 
  • Full In-Depth Character Customization
  • Stats that influence your abilities and weapons
  • The enemy health bar is present 
  • In The Demo, The Character “V” Was shown with deployed arms similar to the first teaser
  • No structured classes, stats, abilities,
  • Augments influence how you can approach combat and dialogue
  • “V” character demo showed that she is a cyberninja capable of doing wall run, double jump, insta -melee kills using arm blades and ambush enemies 
  • Vehicular Combat
  • In a “random encounter” player was shooting from the car while player’s teammate “Jackie” was driving

cyberpunk 2077

These are all the important bits of pieces I could gather and if something new comes up and I will immediately update the article.


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