Nope, Halo 5 Is Definitely Not Coming To PC Confirmed By Microsoft

For over past few weeks it’s been speculated that Halo 5 might come to PC. I was pretty confident that it would be No. It’s not coming and it’s not even in development for PC.

Halo 5’s main page showed the Windows 10 logo alongside the Xbox One logo. This is definitely a recent change, which got fans all excited that Microsoft is gearing up for a PC version reveal.

Unfortunately, though the dreams of seeing a Halo on PC were crushed when Frank O’Connor that Halo 5 is not coming to PC.

“Sorry guys that’s an error,” – Frank O’Connor

“It’s not impossible [Halo 5] could come to PC, but it’s not being worked on at this time. Black and white, no semantic trickery.” – Frank O’Connor

But don’t get too sad now, The next massive Halo game is coming to PC. Titled Halo Infinite was announced and a teaser was shown in the opening of Microsoft E3 2018 Press conference. Completely new engine and a story focused on Master Chief himself.

I personally love the artwork and the tech demo they showed at E3. To me, it looked phenomenal.



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